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Amsterdam is a city where anything goes.

There is a long list of things that you have always been told are illegal that are completely legal to do there. Smoke marijuana if you want. Walk into a ‘coffee shop’ and order something from the menu. Psychedelics, perhaps? There are also shops that offer them. Would you like company for the evening? Apparently, there are women waiting behind glass windows with red lights who are eager to speak with you.

If you are into this sort of thing, you should be able to figure it out on your own. The following list of nightlife destinations includes options for travelers who do not wish to get too … immersed in the culture, but still want to have an enjoyable time.

If you are drinking in the Red Light District, my advice is to pace yourself, take in the sights, talk to some locals, keep track of you wallet, and you will be fine. Amsterdam is one of the most carefree cities in the world, and a wonderful time will never fail to be had.

Sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll – Or simply a fat joint and a cold beer at the local Red Light District. Here are some of our favorite bars for smokers in Amsterdam’s Red Light District. All of them permit you to smoke cannabis indoors, in designated smoking rooms or on their terraces.


Amsterdam’s Red Light District includes several kinds of bars. Evidently some bars are much better than others and while some do not allow smoking, there is still an abundance of such establishments in the Red Light District.. Take a stroll around the Red Light District and maybe window shop, then stop in a bar to enjoy a smoke and drink, but which bar should you go to?

The Amsterdam Red Light District Bar Guide is here to assist with suggestions of the Red Light Districts best smoker friendly bars.


amsterdam red light district


Wonder Bar 2 – Lange Niezel 5 


After the success of the first Wonder Bar, the owners decided to open a second Wonder Bar in the heart of the Red Light District! Completely remodeled and containing a smoke room with signature shishas, this is a great place to stop by while on a “pub/coffee shop crawl”, or other window browsing session. Here you will find a bit of the old spirit of the city, which is so hard to find nowadays: staff who are happy to welcome you! Take a look at their webpage for more information.


Pinockio – Warmoesstraat 5


Due to the opening hours, this interesting little bar in the Red Light District is perfect for “late nighters”. Smoking is allowed at this bar, which gives the customer an opportunity to smoke while they watch sports, play pool, listen to music or chat with the bar staff. This bar is considered to be “LAST CALL” by many locals because it remains open later than most other bars in the area.

red light district amsterdam


Funny People – Nieuwe Brugsteeg 24


Located just at the top of the Red Light District a few steps from Centraal Station. Funny People used to be a great coffeeshop and has now become a bar with a great smoking room! You will not be able to buy weed here anymore, but you are welcome to smoke it. Funny People maintains the same wonderful atmosphere it had in the early years when it was a coffee shop. They serve food as well! In this part of town that is a rarity for bars.


Nes-Café – Nes 33


Another ex-coffee shop turned into a bar in 2007, but it remains very smoker friendly. The location is popular with locals, ex-pats and tourists alike! The atmosphere is always friendly. The small seating area outside is a good place to relax, smoke and enjoy yourself while people-watching which is a major part of the fun in this area.

Amsterdam bar



De Buurvrouw – St. Pieterpoortsteeg 29 (By the Nes)


Near the smoker-friendly Nes-Café is an excellent night bar with pretty good music and a rather cool crowd. There will be local bands and rockers and DJ’s. Fun!


Café The Tribe – Warmoesstraat 79


Another cool place to visit in the Warmoesstraat is The Tribe. It isn’t very big so it is a good place to hangout with friends or just relax with the bar staff who tend to be amicable and up for a good laugh. Feel free to relax, turn on some music or check out what’s showing on television


Smoking Bull – Lange Niezel 13


When a store has chosen to opt for their liquor license rather than their weed license, you KNOW it is a good spot for a drink! Smoking Bull, one of our favorite “ex-coffee shops”, is a hot spot in the Red Light District. With a large screen, a great sound system and a friendly staff, “the Bull” is group-friendly which is also a rarity in this area. There are a vaporizer and house bongs leftover from the good old days, and they have also begun experimenting with snacks.  


The Bottle – Oude Brugsteeg 25


This small pub has become a favorite spot for staff late night “last calls” after the coffee shops have closed. Currently, there is also a free drink offer available!




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