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Seeing Zurich From The Top

Fraumünster Zurich

Zurich Sightseeing Tip

Fraumünster Church

Unfortunately, there is no real observation tower in Zurich to get an overview of the city. Or do they have a hidden one? My insider tip today revolves around this topic. Let yourself in for a surprise that most visitors to the city do not know about….

At the Fraumünster church which is the main visual landmark of the city of Zurich. Normally, as a tourist one goes to visit the Fraumünster as a church with its most stunning treasures being the stained glass windows: those in the north transept are by Augusto Giacometti and the five-part cycle in the chancel and rosette in the southern transept the works of Marc Chagall. , but there is another specialty of the church you may not know about.



At this church, you can climb up in one of the towers to enjoy the great view over the whole city of Zurich. But there are more than 200 stairs to get to the top. So only something for people in good shape! Trust me, 200 steps add up. But the panoramic view there is sensational, especially when the weather is nice.



The Fraumünster monastery was founded on July 21, 853 by Ludwig the German , a grandson of Charlemagne , by transferring an existing small monastery to his eldest daughter Hildegard. The donation was connected with considerable land holdings in Urnerland, the Hof Cham, the Albiswald, the Sihlwald, land in Horgen, Langnau, and the Reppischtal.

The church of the Fraumünster was built from the middle of the 9th century and consecrated in 874. Relics were transferred from the grave of Felix and Regula in the Grossmünster to the new church. Together with the Wasserkirche and the Grossmünster, the Fraumünster Church formed a processional axis in relation to Saints Felix and Regula until the Reformation.

A tower was built in 1150 and 1250, of which the southern one was demolished in 1728 and the northern one raised in 1732.

From the middle of the 13th century, the church was rebuilt and expanded in the Gothic style. The nave was last rebuilt in 1911. The entire church was stripped of the altars, the decorations, and the organ during the Reformation until 1527. In 1544 a pulpit was built for the sermon. In 1847 Ferdinand Keller exposed the medieval wall paintings again and left them to Franz Hegiwatercolor. The most important painting, which was probably made shortly around 1300, hung in the south transept and showed the founding legend. It is largely destroyed today. The last interior and exterior renovation of the Fraumünster took place between 2006 and 2007.

Grossmünster Church

An alternative church that advertises tower visits is the nearby Grossmünster Church. The twin towers of the Grossmünster are regarded as perhaps the most recognized landmark in Zürich but the Fraumünster tower is not on the tourist radar as Grossmünster Church is.

To see the view from the Grossmünster Church you must make a reservation which you may do here:

Grossmünster Church

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Seeing Zurich From The Top
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Seeing Zurich From The Top
Unfortunately, there is no real observation tower in Zurich to get an overview of the city. Or do they have a hidden one? My insider tip today revolves around this topic.
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