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Zermatt, Switzerland

zermatt, switzerland

Zermatt, Swiss Postcard

I would like to introduce you to one of Switzerland’s most popular tourist destinations. This is a beautiful mountain resort in Zermatt, the gateway to heaven.  Here you will see the best views of the Swiss alps and, of course, you will get an unparalleled view of the Matterhorn, one of the world’s most breathtaking peaks. Get up close and personal with this popular getaway from skiing here in the Swiss Alps.  Zermatt is one of my favorite towns in Switzerland, where you can get a lot of breathtaking views. There are a lot of things you can do around in Zermatt but mostly you will just be in awe of the views. 

The Matterhorn


First, one must be aware that Zermatt is a car-free zone, which means that it is only accessible via train. The easiest way to reach is to go either by car or bus to Täsch. Then if you were to be taking the train to Zermatt you might want to start with the Rothorn, which is one of the peaks in Zermatt that may be visited and from there you will be able to see a magnificent view of the Matterhorn. Zermatt is a place of amazing local points which has been attracting tourists for decades among the viewpoints, the one at the Rothorn is less popular than the more famous Gornergrat to view the Matterhorn. It is my opinion that the best view of the Matterhorn can be found from the Rothorn.


zermatt switzerland train


The Rothorn can be reached by cable car from Sunnega (a great viewpoint and an excellent cafe), then a combination gondola/chair from the next station to a cable car to Rothorn (10,108′ above sea level). For skiers, the variety of runs is outstanding, groomed, and off-piste if sufficient snow covers the rocks. For intermediate or expert skiers, this is an excellent place with a lot of variety. 

There are also terrace restaurants to go to for lunch, which make this place quite enjoyable. Once you eventually will arrive on top of the Rothorn from where you’ll be able to enjoy a fantastic alpine panorama. At the top of the Rothorn, you’ll have a fantastic view over the Matterhorn.  

Well, definitely I can highly recommend a visit to the Rothorn. so a round-trip ticket costs you 60 swiss francs.. There is also a very good restaurant up there which will make your day even more enjoyable. It would be a great idea to indulge in hot chocolate or gluhwein (mulled wine). 

After the Rothorn then, of course, you have to walk around the village. It is a beautiful place, and from here you have a magnificent view of the Matterhorn. This is the iconic peak that is one of the landmarks of Switzerland and Disneyland.

Zermatt is one of the most beautiful villages in Switzerland. It is a typical alpine Swiss holiday resort full of traditional houses, chalets, and hotels. You will see the old and the new coexisting harmoniously. The river promenade is particularly interesting, as is the old town, where you can find numerous chalet houses. 



Zermatt’s quite touristic, which demonstrates how commercialized the city has become, but I still find it fun to walk around. While visiting Here, having coffee, having lunch, or shopping, it is worthwhile to stop by the church, since it has a really beautiful interior. As the snow falls on the roofs and walls of the hotels during the sunny winter days, one can feel the winter wonderland vibes present. There are numerous reasons to visit Zermatt only on a day trip, especially if one is seeking a panoramic view of the summits and the view of the Matterhorn. Having visited Zermatt five times in total, I found it most enjoyable when I stayed overnight. The sunsets behind the Matterhorn in the late afternoon and Zermatt starts to glow.

There are those 15 minutes after sunset when you can see the contrast between the snow glowing in cool colors and the many lights resolving some warmth to me this is the moment when the winter wonderland feeling comes to life. It is imperative to plan your dinner for that time.

If you wish to enjoy Zermatt, then you must take this train from Zermatt to Gornergrat after sunset. The Gornergrat is a mountain cliff from which you may see the surrounding mountains and glaciers. The train ride up to the Gornergrat is Zetrmatt’s most famous attraction, and for good reasons! The route to the top is quite scenic. 

There are also various hiking trails that one can take for example. The trail that takes you to the Gorner Glacier is really worth it.   

The Klein Matterhorn, part of the Breithorn massif, overlooks on its southern side the almost equally high flat glacier named Breithorn Plateau, just north of the international border with Italy. Klein Matterhorn is named after its larger neighbor, the Matterhorn, which lies at a distance of seven kilometers (four miles), across the Theodul Pass.

The Klein Matterhorn is also a year-round ski area, with the adjacent ski lift that provides access to the substantially higher Gobba di Rollin. The Klein Matterhorn is part of an international ski area between Zermatt and Breuil-Cervinia.

There you will have a great view over Zermatt, the Gornergrat, the Rothorn the Matterhorn, which feels like it was an eye-level and then you can also look down to Breuil-Cervinia in italy standing on a platform, those 2000 or so mountain peaks suddenly feel quite small, especially when the weather isn’t the best likely up there. 

Getting to this point will cost you 90 Swiss francs. One may ask whether it’s worth going after having been to the Gornergrat and the Rothorn my answer to that is definitely going to be yes. The Matterhorn glacier paradise is not only about the lookout, But also about the ice palace, this is a very unique attraction. Here you can see a number of figures carved into the ice as well as some typical figures such as the Eringer Cows fighting, a dragon, the stars of the canton of valleys, and Buddha all in all it is a great attraction with dramatic views. 

Glacier Paradise


Glacier Paradise is a place where there is a high probability of experiencing clear skies. To reach the glaciers, you can walk from the upper part of the village to Throdul station and take the cable lifts up there on sunny days. The view of the Matterhorn, which is now much closer, is magnificent. ; 

In addition to skiing, there are lots of other interests that you may wish to explore in Zermatt. It’s important to mention that Zermatt is not only great during the winter. It’s also very exciting to come up here during spring and summer. 


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Zermatt, witzerland
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Zermatt, witzerland
Zermatt is one of my favorite towns in Switzerland, where you can get a lot of breathtaking views. There are a lot of things you can do around in Zermatt but mostly you will just be in awe of the views
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